Moorlife Range

moorlife range
Some 30,000 years ago, the ice glaciers melted and carried hundreds of herbal varieties into the valleys of Northern Europe. Over time, the sediment fossilised and transformed into one of the world's most luxurious, nutritious and gentle range of health care products.

Moorlife products are harvested and imported from protected valleys of Northern Europe. This extraordinary natural compound is made of herbs, plants and flowers. As a result, the products are a rich organic source of bio-minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

At Ananda Rainforest Spa, you can feel cleansed with an indulgent Moorlife mud mask treatment; or you can relax in a detoxifying Moorlife mud bath. We also offer the energising and detoxifying Moor elixir drink.

Moorlife products have undergone decades of research by skin specialists, doctors and physicians worldwide. Their studies have conclusively shown that there are immense benefits to Moorlife's concentrated herbal contents. Feel cleansed and refreshed as the power of ancient elements invigorate your body, mind and soul.

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